high performance web sites
and Node.js Training.

Our Node.js training, Web performance training and JavaScript training is provided by internationally renowned experts. Our Node.js, Web performance, and JavaScript training sessions range from 1 day to 1 week. We provide training faciltiies for upto 20 participant in San Francisco, California as well as on-site and remote training.


Our industry leading Node.js training has been delivered to hundreds of people worldwide. It provides an understanding of how to use Node.js from theory to practice, explaining why Node is helpful through to implementation. This popular course can be customized with many topics to suit the needs and budget of your team.
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High Performance Web Sites

Having a fast web site is essential to businesses. While there is no perfect one-size-fits-all formula for making every web site fast our training will give your developers the critical skills to make serious improvements to your site. This training starts at the fundamentals of web site performance, and builds out to specific techniques that can be used for optimizations.
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The perfect compliment to our Node.js training, the JavaScript training focuses on providing the skills and expertise to become a top-notch JavaScript programmer. This training looks at core coding concepts implemented in JavaScript. The courses can be tailored for new programmers or experts who just want an introduction to JavaScript.
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