high performance web sites
and Node.js consulting.



  1. Node.js Consulting

    Many companies are using Node.js for the performance benefits it provides. We provide expert consultation on all aspects of architecting, writing and deploying Node.js JavaScript applications.
  2. Performance Consultancy

    If you know why your site is slow or you don't our expert high speed web site consultants will help make sure your site's speed is top notch.
  3. Training

    Get Node.js training, JavaScript training or Web performance training from internationally renowned experts. Our Node.js training and Web performance training sessions range from 1 day to 1 week. We provide training faciltiies for upto 20 participant in San Francisco, California as well as on site and remote training. Learn more about our training.


Meet the Team

  • Tom Hughes-Croucher, Principal
    Tom has worked in the Web industry for over a decade. He has participated in a diverse range of activities including: co-authoring W3C standards, publishing cited research on web technologies, and co-authoring O'Reilly's "Up and Running with Node.js".
  • Kyle Simpson, Senior Consultant
    Kyle is an experienced JavaScript architect from Austin, TX. Kyle co-wrote the O'Reilly HTML5 Cookbook. Kyle has contributed to numerous open-source projects focused on JavaScript and performance such as LABjs, HandlebarJS and BikechainJS. Kyle has given talks industry conferences world wide.
  • Jonathan Tsai
    Jonathan Tsai, Senior Engineer
    Jonathan has nearly a decade of experience keeping websites running fast for millions of users at companies like Ask.com, Intuit, and Yahoo!, to name a few. Jonathan has a focus on security, best practices, dynamically-typed languages, and writing robust, clean code.
  • Dino
    Dino, Team Mascot
    He is the pet dinosaur of the protagonists. In this show, he is a metaphorical pet dog, and exhibits the characteristics of a typical domesticated canine. He is some generic but very small sauropod/prosauropod type.


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